Aarikka Ariel ブレスレットP771(purple and pink) - A08977

¥ 7,920 税込

Ariel gold ブレスレット

素 材:木製ビーズ、エラスティックコード、ジュエリーメタル
サイズ:内径 5.5 cm


Delicacy is strength. To feel everything so strongly and still stay soft, like a shining metal bead among the warm wood. That’s what Herkkä (Delicate) wants to remind us of, holding our hand, vibrant in all of its wonderful colors. The wonderful Herkkä, Aarikka at its purest. The hand-dyed Herkkä bracelet is made of wooden beads and adorned with a silvery Aarikka logo. The wooden beads are accentuated by a single, silvery metal bead. The bracelet is light on the wrist. Material: Maple, elastic band, jewelry metal Size: Inner diameter 5.5 cm, flexible Handmade in Finland.