アアリッカ 「Pässi」ハンドタオル

¥ 1,650 税込

アアリッカのアイコン的デザインともいえる「Pässi」がハンドタオルに :)


素 材: 100 %コットン
サイズ:30 x 30 cm.


The pattern in the Pässi face towel inherits its design from Aarikka’s iconic Pässi sculptures. The Pässi ram figurines are design classics, born as symbols for Finnish perseverance (‘sisu’). Their unique design language continues to keep their timeless appeal from one decade to another. The Pässi towel is of great quality and luxuriously soft. The jacquard fabric incorporates the pattern into the weave, making it double-faced. The Pässi towel brings Aarikka’s timeless design into the bathroom: some Finnish sisu together with lovely, elegant moods! Material: 100 % cotton. 30 x 30 cm. Made in Portugal.